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I started going to see Sarah about 9 months ago.  I was drawn to her clinic because it offered community style acupuncture treatments; and therefore, it was quite affordable.  I never would have been able to receive regular treatment if I’d had to pay a hundred dollars per session.  I would have gone once and felt relaxed but I would not have been able to afford more sessions nor experience the amazing benefits.  Luckily, I had quite a different experience!


Before my first treatment, I didn’t know what to expect and was a little apprehensive.  Sarah assured me that I would be comfortable and relaxed; she was right!  Afterwards, I felt so calm and rejuvenated. Both mentally and physically, I was more ready to continue my day.  As Sarah recommended, I started going for acupuncture treatments twice per week and began taking herbs as well.  At first, I noticed that I felt better on the days of my treatments.  After two months, I noticed I was much more calm, clear-headed, and motivated on a consistent basis.  And, no joke, friends and coworkers were even saying that I seemed to have a happy glow!  That was something I’d never expected!  After 6 months of regular treatment, the truly remarkable happened.  I’d gone from taking medication daily or twice daily for 8 years, to taking medication once per month!  In other words, after 8 years of feeling generally unhealthy, I started to appreciate the joy of feeling well!  Acupuncture has changed the way I feel about my health and has solved problems I wasn’t even aware of, until they were gone.  I’ve been recommending it to everyone!  It’s amazing that something this affordable can deliver such great results!  Thanks Sarah!       -Christine B

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